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Richard Carey Website

Richard Carey Website

Welcome to RichardCareyPhotos.com, a showcase of Richard’s best photographic work to date. His images have won several prestigious awards and also feature in various scuba diving publications, relating to his travel experiences at some of the world’s most renowned diving locations. Richard’s work is represented by Bigstock, Shutterstock, Fotolia and Adobe Stock.
About Richard

About Richard

Richard is a professional photographer and photojournalist who currently resides in Khao Lak, Thailand. He spends most of his working hours underwater photographing scuba divers and marine life. Richard originally hails from Zimbabwe, an area far from the ocean though never far from wildlife and nature which have always been a major driving force behind his career to date.
Underwater Photography Courses

Underwater Photography Courses

Whether you are just starting out with a camera or looking to take better underwater photographs, Richard also offers private photography lessons and courses.  You will get to join Richard aboard a four day liveaboard safari, diving with him for a day or two or even for the entire trip, improving your photography at the Similan Islands and world famous Richelieu Rock on the Similan Explorer.

What can He do for you?

If you represent a dive centre:

Richard Carey can help advertise your business, it’s great to have good quality underwater images from your dive trips. Read more.

If you’d like to learn more:

For a quick how-to guide on how to improve your photo skills, check out ‘The Underwater Photographer’s Guide‘ by Richard Carey. Read more.

If you’re on a diving holiday:

Do you want to simply enjoy your dives without bothering to take the photographs youself? Richard has that covered for you. Read more.

If you’d like to use Richard’s photos:

Whether you require high quality images for advertising, websites, blogs, editorial use or even personal use, Richard has a large collection of images for sale. Read more.

Need An Amazing Underwater Photographer?
Diving in South East Asia

Book a Similan Liveaboard in Thailand

Richard works at the Similan Islands from late October to mid May every year, diving some of best dive sites in Thailand everyday. He can provide you with plenty of information about these amazing destinations and assist you both finding and booking your ideal Similan liveaboard safari.

Need Advice about Diving in South East Asia?

Richard has dived at numerous locations around Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia whilst working as an underwater photographer. If you are planning a dive trip to South East Asian you can contact Richard for his personal recommendations.

The Underwater Photographer's Guide Book

Do you want to learn more about underwater photography?

The Underwater Photographer’s Guide clearly and concisely explains the steps required to take professional quality images in any underwater situation. It is useful for users of all types of cameras – Compacts, Micro Four Thirds and DSLRs. Any underwater photographer who wants to progress beyond the stage of using their camera in the Underwater, Program or Auto modes will benefit by reading this book.

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Winner of Jury’s Prize and nominated for Best Single Image




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Nominated for “Best 5 Photos Award”