For the Love of Sharks

Guitar SOLO

Many divers would agree that the best underwater experiences are those you don’t see coming. RICHARD CAREY has just had one of those experiences in Thailand.

ONE OF THE GREAT THINGS about diving is that even after many years of diving, something new can suddenly turn up at an unexpected time.

On a liveaboard trip aboard Similan Explorer we always start the trip with an easy check dive. On this occasion we did this at Koh Chi in the Surin Islands. After jumping in for the early morning dive I was shadowing the group, taking a few photos of the coral and anemones.

I didn’t expect to see much out of the ordinary – just the usual reef fish or perhaps one of the resident turtles or sting rays.

Next thing I saw something large swimming in the gloom. It was swimming towards me, above the granite boulders, and as it came closer I saw that it was a bowmouth guitarfish – my first sighting of one ever! Read more.

Appeared in DIVER March 2016


Red Sea • Richelieu Rock • Koh Bon