Underwater Photography Courses

Photography courses on a Similan Liveaboard

Private Underwater Photography Lessons

Whether you are just starting out with a camera or looking to take better underwater photographs, Richard also offers private photography lessons and courses.

You will get to join Richard aboard a three or five day liveaboard safari, diving with him for a day or two or even for the entire trip, improving your photography at the Similan Islands and world famous Richelieu Rock on the Similan Explorer.

Unlike other underwater photography courses there is no set program when learning with Richard.

Richard will concentrate on what you want to learn, taking into account your experience level, type of equipment you use and importantly, what interests you the most. You may wish to gain a more thorough understanding of your camera’s settings, how to achieve better strobe lighting or focus more on wide angle or macro photography. What ever your goal is, Richard can help you get better underwater shots.

During your day you will discuss theory with Richard then get to dive together and put this theory into practise. After the dives there is ample time to review your images and discuss what works best and how you can improve. Diving one on one is the best way to get the most out of your lessons. You can dive at your own pace and spend more time practising your shots.

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Similan Liveaboard Trips

Similan Liveaboard Trips

Richard works at the Similan Islands from late October to mid May every year, diving some of best dive sites in Thailand everyday. If you are interested in diving at the Similan Islands, the Surin Islands and famous sites like Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock why not get in touch with Richard.

He can provide you with plenty of information about these amazing destinations and assist you both finding and booking your ideal Similan liveaboard safari.


Diving in South East Asia

Diving in South East Asia

Richard has dived at numerous locations around Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia whilst working as an underwater photographer. If you are planning a dive trip to South East Asian you can contact Richard for his personal recommendations.

He has dived a lot of the area’s well known dive sites, plus a few places off the beaten track and can advise you when is the best time to head to a particular region.

Richard also has acquired a decent network of contacts in the region and can advice you on the best operators and boats suited to your needs.

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